Is my 950 XL ds the only one with so many problems

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The main problem I face is connectivity problems with wifi and Bluetooth. It irregularly looses the access t the internet but does not disconnect from the wifi. It gives my a message (under the network) "no internet" while I know that the network has good access to the internet. This happens to familiar networks that I connect to using my iPhone 7 and windows 10 pc with no issues whatsoever so I know this is my phone's problem. When restart the phone it connects and runs fine until it happens again. I have downloaded all the updates, reset the phone numerous time tying to fix this problem, I have used the software in my PC to hard reset and I have sent it in for service (four case with B2X and it was returned with the comment that no problem found) but every time the problem reappears, deteriorating as time passes. After every reset, the device will work fine for 2-3 days and after that it will start giving me the "no internet sign" ever more often to the point that I have to restart the phone 6-8 times a day to keep the internet access. it also develops other funny behaviors like the screen or the windows halo light will not come on for many seconds or not at all and that it will suddenly loose Bluetooth connections and internet connections. Usually all returns to normal after a restart but restarts are needed more often until I get exacerbated and have to reset it again! I really love this phone but it is driving me crazy and it seems that B2X advices and service will not help!

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