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Is the Surface Music Kit available for the Pro 3's?

Ed Boland

Retired Ambassador
Nov 17, 2012
I did some searching around because I was curious about the same thing. Apparently, the regular Touch covers, or the Type Cover 2 works with the Pro 3.. As it will "click in", but it won't be a perfect fit, nor will it put the SP3 to sleep when closed. So that should mean the "Music Blade" should work as well, because it has the same connection/interface.

With that said, I happen to have one of the "rare" music blade covers for sale if anyone's interested. I was one of the lucky 500 winners of the #projectremix contest on twitter/vine. They're not available retail.. The only place you can buy one is from someone selling theirs on eBay or sites like this I believe.

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