Is there a way to clean boot to the version before Fall Creator's Update

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I started experiencing issues with my PC after the the FCU and would like to download the previous version to perform a clean boot.
The server list in BF4 & BF1 displays all the pings as the same number - unsolved.
Edge is slow to respond, followed by crashing constantly - solved by not using it.
When my PC first starts, the LG Ultrawide monitor brightness is fine, but when I login it goes way too dark. Solved - I uninstalled LG's drive and that seemed to fix the problem.
Unfortunately I didn't realize my PC received a major update so I downloaded Win 10 and did a clean install thinking that would fix it...nope.
I can't find a way to download anything except the FCU. Is there a way to clean boot to the previous version? It needs to be from Microsoft's website of course - not a website offering a copy.

LG monitor = 34UM67-P (driver from 10-22-2016)
Graphics card = MSI R9 390 Gaming with AMD latest drivers

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