Is there a way to track my unlock attempts on my WP?

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Tracking unlock attempts on my WP

So I woke up this morning and found a message on my HTC M8 (OS 8.10.14203.306) about there being too many failed unlock attempts on my phone and I needed to enter (I think) A1B2C3. I then was given a warning that one more failed attempt would cause the phone to automatically wipe.

Is there a log somewhere that I can access to get more information about the failed attempts to unlock my phone?

If I knew the timing of the failures, then I think I could pretty specifically figure out who it was.

Also, on a related note, since I have someone trying to get into my phone, is there a way to disable to the slide-down notifications while the phone is locked? Since I clearly have someone trying to get into my phone, I'm not crazy about the fact that they can see my texts and parts of my emails without having to unlock the phone.

I looked through the settings, but didn't see any obvious way to disable the notification slider when the phone is locked.



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Dec 12, 2013
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Re: Tracking unlock attempts on my WP

Go to settings -> notifications+ actions-> untick the box that says show notifications in action center when phone is locked. That should do it.

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