Is there any laptop with i7 like performance with full day battery life and stylus input

Mahesh Abnave

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May 4, 2013
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I believe straight answer is no.
I am living with first XPS 15, L502x which was launched in 2011 (Quad core i7 variant with 16 GB RAM)
I want to upgrade.
At that time, I had performance as only requirement. So I lived with L502x's bulk.
I have somewhat more expectations this time: at least i7 like performance, precision stylus input, sleek and lightweight and day long battery life.
Is there any laptop which satisfy this?

I felt XPS 15 7590 will satisfy this. But its battery life is not day long. (Also only QHD IPS variant supports stylus, which further reduces battery backup.)
Similar seems to be the case with Lenovo X1 Carbon 7th gen (correct me if am wrong.)

With those two best laptop out, I feel I am not remained with any option, right?

I feel only Snapdragon based laptops can provide such battery backup, that means currently only Samsung Galaxy Book S and yesterday released Surface Pro X are the only options.

Should I wait for some more time for more Snapdragon based laptops be released and become mainstream?


Nov 15, 2017
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IShould I wait for some more time for more Snapdragon based laptops be released and become mainstream?
, An Elitebook or Precision 2-1 with an u proc would be your best bet i think. If you want something cheaper, look for an 2-1 with an y proc (a liitle bit slower but better battery life). Also like you said fullhd is for four battery life and ips instead of oled/amoled (ips is generally speaking more energy efficient).

Maybe the HP Dragonfly.

Snapdragon laptops might be very interesting for you if the software you mostly use will be available for windows on arm / uwp (iirc stuff like firefox and adobe will be made compatible natively). For programs that are not demanding this not a problem though since it will simply be emulated by windows on arm (=runs the program but a bit slower).
You may want to wait for the reviews on the new snapdragon laotops/tablets.

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