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Is there ANY way to disable auto-downloading all attachments on outlook 2013?


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Jan 31, 2015
I use Activesync account and another IMAP account.Its really a pain not being able to download attachments only when i need it. I have a slow connection and if someone sends an important mail with huge attachments, the mail wont show up until it downloads the attachment fully(sometimes takes hours). really annoying. what on earth did they do this for?Apparently they had an option called " download only email header" on outlook 2010. I am not sure why they decided to remove this. MS techie said it is possible but only with POP accounts. is there any way you guys know to disable this feature for activeSync and IMAP accounts? Windows 8 mail does it perfectly, it never downloads attachments without users permission. But windows 8 mail is not as functional. any suggestions to help me out with this will be really appreciated. thank you.
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