Is there value in Win 10 Creative Update

Tim Stone

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Jul 29, 2014
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Yesterday Microsoft provided us with a roadmap essentially for the coming year with Windows 10 development. After watching for the full 2 hours, my overall impression was that Microsoft has set it's focus entirely on a very narrow marketplace: gamers and perhaps artistic talent. The two new devices, aimed at that audience, are very expensive.

I realize there is money to be made in this marketplace, but for how long ? How many people will spend $ 4,500 for an AIO desktop ? How many will spend $ 2,500 for a notebook ?

Trends at Microsoft have been away from consumers ( dropping the Win Phone, Band, Surface 3, and usefull software tools ), and not supportive of businesses ( who want a stable, error free, connected OS that will handle their operations applications reliably ).

I've been in the tech field ( as a developer of small business management systems ) since 1982, all PC based. Are my perceptions wrong ? Did I miss something yesterday ? Is this really the road to further greatness for Microsoft ? Please ... no snarky responses. This is a legit question and I'd love to hear your perceptions.


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Nov 12, 2012
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Eh, I guess I'm still going to stay on 8.1.

Anyways, I believe Microsoft isn't on the best course. It's not a bad one, but I don't like it and I think we're only going to see more glimpses of cool stuff like this countered with them kneecapping something else. I'm tempted to say I want Ballmer back in some way.

To be fair, the Studio is probably going to be a hit in the professional art arena for a while. My parents aren't getting it of course but I think it struck a good balance of being pre-built, a company supported device, and the display for designers and other people where that kind of stuff is their livelihood. I'm talking art people who are part of an organization with its own IT department.

As for the Book, I don't know. It does tick boxes but not my cup of tea.


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Feb 7, 2016
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I suggest you to read the Zac Bowden's article Creator's Update: What we know so far as some of the features are described there. I wouldn't say updated action center, mail app and people bar & office apps are made for narrow audience, it is true though that features for xbox one and Surface Studio are aimed mostly on narrowed audience but that doesn't make Surface Studio a product that only works for designers/artists. Surface Studio is a premium device and it's not meant to be a budget device at all as the materials and components they used aren't really cheap, so I believe they're expecting it is going to be mostly used by either artists/designers/architects and persons who can afford a device like that and can be used for their work or personal needs.

In my opinion the main reason why they are focusing on the artists and designers friendly features is that they want to give them something that mac can't.

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