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Lumia 635. Windows 10 mobile preview latest build. Worked like a charm till sudden restart while using Spotify heavily. Never really came back to life and stuck in infinite boot loop. Youtube video name:
Lumia 635 infinite boot loop
it is connected to charger otherwise it will not start because battery is empty. At the beginning I let battery to drain completely, hopping that a fresh charge will bring up the system - doesn't happen. It doesn't respond to any button combos. Windows Phone Recovery Tool doesn't recognize phone and I cannot reinstall it. I cannot charge battery till at least 25% because all power is used in boot loop. Any suggestions?


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Nov 12, 2012
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Disconnect the phone from cables. Open the back and remove the battery.

On your PC, open a fresh instance of WDRT.

Plug the phone into USB and hold the Volume Down button. Insert the battery. If the phone vibrates release the Volume Down button.

If that fails, try again. When the phone vibrates release Volume Down and hold Volume Up. Release any buttons if WDRT starts processing to flash.

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