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Issues on Photo sharing via Whatsapp

Patrick LokKo

New member
Mar 6, 2015
Just started my journey with 1520 for a week,
I come across 2 issue,

1. In the whatsapp application, when you choose "take a picture" in the attachment tab,
the camera flash always light up for focusing even you inhibited in setting.

2. When using lumia camera, cant share photo via whatsapp in the pic review tab.

Any solution for this?


New member
Nov 7, 2014
I'll check the taking a photo option but right off the bat in the gallery I have that option. I open the picture I want to share.


Hit the share button and I see WhatsApp there.


What do you see?

Update: I checked both Line and Whatsapp and they both enable the flash even if you specify not to... Seems to be a bug or operating system limitation...