Issues so far with my Nokia Lumia 920 (After 1+ year of usage)

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Calvin Do

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Jan 14, 2014
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My first smartphone is currently a Nokia Lumia 920. Never liked the iPhone experience (played with friends'), and was not familiar with Android.

I love my Nokia phone (I've been a Nokia user since 2002), but while I love my currently Nokia Lumia 920, I may end up switching to Android IF the following "defects" are not fixed by this coming November (when my term ends):

- Overheating. The phone gets super hot on regular usage, such as simple browsing through Facebook or reading the news. When playing games, it gets even hotter.

- Battery drain. With the heat issue from above comes battery drain. Like mentioned, "light" usage such as reading the news or browsing through FB drained my battery by ~30% within 40 minutes.

- Interface. I actually love the interface; the tiles are awesome, but why can't the battery icon on top right also show the %? Instead, it's just a battery icon, forcing us to download apps to place tiles onto it. So here I ask, is it really necessary to have a tile dedicated to a battery %? Maybe some people like the live tile thing, showing when it was last charged, how much longer the battery have (which is mostly inaccurate), etc. But for me, I simply want to know the battery %. Simple as that. Same concept with the date. We do NOT need separate apps just to show battery % and date. And also, the thing about the battery tile... it doesn't even update real time! Most of the type, I need to tap on it to manually "update" it. What's the point?!

- The Windows Store needs some major renovation. One major thing it needs is a filter feature. Sometimes I'm looking for apps, and I want to filter it by user reviews, new to old, # of downloads, etc. Another major feature it needs are keywords. When searching for an app, it only searches by title. Take "battery" as an example again. Type in battery, and you get like 20+ results. Wow.

- Music. There NEEDS to be a much simpler way of managing my music without being "locked" into a Zune-like format. I HATE that format. I do NOT want my songs to be categorized by artists, albums, etc. I do NOT want to have to connect my phone into a computer and download a separate WP8 software for the computer in order to create a playlist or something. I WANT to be able to just simply create my own playlist within the phone, AND add in songs from my computer to my phone in a simple "Music" folder WITHOUT having the phone "categorizing" it and stuff. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

I know not all smartphone OS are perfect. I also know some of the issues I'm mentioning is probably a Microsoft problem than a Nokia problem. Windows Phone 8 certainly isn't perfect, but I like it so far. However as mentioned, if the above 5 "problems" I'm facing isn't addressed within 2 years of me purchasing this phone (since Nov 2011), I'm going to have to reconsider possibly going to Android.

PS. If anyone here have a fix or solution for any of the 5 issues I mentioned above, PLEASE provide it here. Thanks!

loko ino

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Dec 27, 2012
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You realize you are using one of the first WP8 flagship phones..and there have been quite a few models since the inception of the 920.
As far as your issue..I have never had heat issues unless playing a graphic intensive game for a period of time and I have not had any battery drain issues since GDR2 update.
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