Issues with cellular data and Windows Phone apps? (India)

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Ok, so i am not really sure if this question has been asked in the forum before (Did not find any.) So i currently own a Lumia 640XL dual sim and have a Aircel Mumbai and a Reliance Mumbai sim currently active on the phone. I have noticed this problem that almost nothing, apart from Whatsapp and Opera browser, is currently working. Not even IE. I am pretty sure it isn't the sim or the operator or the plan. I have active 3G plans on both the sim, and they work perfectly fine on other phones (tried it on an Xperia M, the speeds seem to be okay). I have all the settings perfectly in place, like the Internet APN and Highest connection speed. This wasn't much of a problem on my previous WP a Lumia 520. Just want to know if this is an exclusive problem of sorts or are others facing such problems too. I know the 3G in India is quite messed up to begin with, but it wasn't all this bad before. Forgive me for my English, and thank you in advance.

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