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Mar 9, 2011
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Hi everyone I'm am looking for some help

My wife swx from an 8520 to the Focus. Rogers was helpful but I think they sold her something that's not for her

She loves her email bbm and facebook

I have been playing with her fone and the touch screen is awesome. Very smooth and responsive.

The problem is email is slow and facebook doesnt have notifications. She is always checking her fone for updates. We have also been looking for an app to chat on. I was surprised that there is no MSN available. What is with that?

Volume is very disappionting too. Unless you have the fone in your hand, you can't hear them. Also no ability to upload custom ringtones.

What I need to know is if there is going to be an update that will fix some of these problems. I was looking for a 2011 roadmap but can't find one.

Lastly,I've been looking for a thread for poor battery proformance. I can't find one. Is anyone else having problems with their battery. My wifeis charging her fone twice a day. Turned off Location but battery still drains really fast.


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Jan 4, 2011
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as a long-time crackberry addict, i can sympathize with your wife on some of these concerns. however, i do not regret switching from RIM to WP7. the only feature i wish the focus had is a message indicator, although i find myself missing it less as time goes on.

the first set of issues you reported, slow email, no facebook notifications, no MSN, i would file away as "i bought a phone with an operating system that was released not too long ago". that's a terrible answer, but i do understand that these issues (and others) are going to be addressed in the future.

speaking of the future, there is no official timeline regarding updates. the No-Do update should be out soon, and it looks like Mango could be out sometime at the end of '11 or Q1 of '12.

the volume issue has already been addressed. i'm sure you can find the work-around in this forum. and, sideloading custom ringtones is possible if you're willing to hack your way around it. me, i'll wait for microsoft to give me a solution for that.

lastly, regarding battery, many users are reporting that using more push-capable apps can significantly reduce battery life. also, having wi-fi might affect battery life (at least it did on ALL of my BBs). i have, however, compared the battery life of my focus to that of my wife's iPhone 4-no comparison, my phone outlasts her by a significant margin.

if the phone is not for her, which it sounds like that might be the case, its not worth suffering and fighting a product with which you are already discontent. if you're stuck with the phone, however, have faith that microsoft is going to get around to fixing many of these issues eventually.

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