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Feb 1, 2013
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Hey there everyone. Been apart of these forums for quite some time, and the past few weeks have seen my activity skyrocket (I was pleasantly surprised to see my name on the shoutout thing :]). However, in all this time, I've never properly introduced myself, and seeing as I'm looking for something to do whilst I procrastinate on my homework, I suppose now is a more than excellent time.

First off, you may have some impression of me from my many posts around these here forums. There's a good chance you already know that I'm 15 (going on 16 pretty soon), and go to highschool amongst a sea of iDiots, who are all presently drooling over their iPhone 5Sames. Anyways, I've been stuck on Microsoft ever since I got my Lumia 900... (Warning, in case you don't already know, I have to awful tendency to write and ramble on for ages, filled with random digressions. Reader attention-span advised).

For Christmas back in 2010, I got an iPad first gen, 32GB refurbished. Sure, it was old hardware (iPad 2 had been out for many months, by that time), but I still loved it. My first device running one of the three mobile OS's. However, while I was enjoying my iPad, I kept hearing news on Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 platform. I kept seeing images, hearing concepts about the future, and I was hooked. It looked very impressive, but it was a long ways off, so I only followed it mildly.

Fast forward a few months, I was still loving my iPad, and soon enough was in talks with my parents about nabbing up an iPhone 4S. Talks went on for a while, and they finally agreed (I know, I'm spoiled :confused:). However, when my phone line's upgrade came 'round, disaster: it turned out my parents thought the iPhone was cheaper than it was, so they had bought some home amenities. It couldn't be fitted into the budget until next month. I was obviously disappointed at first, but I got over it (I had waited that long, how much longer was another few weeks?). What does this have to do with my intro? Well...

Just a week after that, the Lumia 900 went on-sale, and it received some nice press coverage. I saw it an instantly recognized that interface found in Windows 8, which I had fallen in love with. At only $100 on contract, it was in budget, and so we got one launch weekend. And thus my love affair with Windows Phone began. I quickly grew fond of Microsoft's platform, and started tying myself into its services (I still have my grandfathered 25GB on SkyDrive).

Of course, just 6 months down the road, give or take a month, the Lumia 920 goes on sale. I was obviously a little disgruntled, but my Lumia 900 was still a perfectly fine and capable device, so I stuck with it. Fast forward to just this summer, I got a lifeguarding gig, and raised the funds necessary for a Lumia 1020. Now, in a few weeks time, I'm using the remainder of that money to by m'self a Surface Pro 2, and use it as my new desktop (an external monitor will be this year's birthday present).

Anyways, it's by a stroke of luck that the iPhone didn't fit in our family budget. I'm so glad we couldn't afford it, otherwise I'd be just like any other iSheep out there. Now I'm apart of the Microsoft family and absolutely love it. Everything worked out in the end and I now get to enjoy Microsoft and Nokia's wonderful products, and I'm apart of the great WPC Community. Best budgeting error ever.

Anyways, that's the backstory of how I became a Microsoft ******. For more personal details: I'm a competitive swimmer, been swimming for as long as I can remember. I would consider myself intelligent, I'm just held back by a crappy work ethic (I.E: posting long-overdue introductions on tech forums when I ought to be doing my chemistry project). Of course, when it's something I love and am passionate about, my work ethic is much higher (I'm eying a job-opening at my local Microsoft Store). Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, I love mathematics and science. I hate doing math problems, but the whole concept of it, and how they all just work, is incredible to me. And as I said earlier, I tend to go on for ages on the simplest of things. If only I found writing English essays this easy...

But I'll stop here, I've bored you enough already. Thanks for reading, and sorry for making you suffer through so much text. ^_^ See ya around the forums.


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Dec 23, 2011
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Welcome aboard Swim Suit great to have you here with us and using the Windows OS. Hope to see you around the forums and good luck with that new 1020.


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Sep 30, 2012
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It's really great to see you're part of the community here at WPCentral! Don't worry about the post length - I enjoyed reading it!

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