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Aug 22, 2011
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little background, i had a samsung sunburst that i thought was broke(broke for a day now it works). my line was ready for an update anyway, so last week my girlfriend had to go downtown, i had her stop and told her to pick out the best smartphone that was cheap/free. i told her to get an android, just because i wasn't sure about the windows phones, the software didn't seem like something i would be into.

anyway, she came back with one for herself and one for me, the store had them for free! online they were sold out for $50! as soon as i seen the screen light up, i was in love, the oled is amazing. and i was way wrong about "the phone being something i wasn't into", i love it. yea, the apps are lacking compared to ios and android but there is enough. i love the OS from the peoples tab to the tiles(i originally like android because of the many home screens and app placement. my sunburst had three screens to put apps) but the tiles i find to be much cleaner, nicer looking, and user friendly. the camera is great for what it is, i just can't say enough about the phone. i can now retire my old trusty ipod because i love the music player and built in fm radio!

not being able to have ringtones sucks, especially since for whatever reason i have a hard time hearing the one i like on the phone. but hopefully with mango that gets fixed? from what i understand we will get the update to mango?

as i said the apps are not all that great, yea, they have the ones i need but not a lot of "fun interactive apps" like ios/android has. i guess they will grow and really it aint a big down for me, but i remember when the first google phone came out a friend had it and even back then it had apps like a metal detector(this one actually worked using the camera it was crazy, the one for wp7 is fake) another app my girl had on her iphone that i liked had you use the camera to point at the stars to identify constellations(forget the name). maybe in the future but if not o well.

i plan on searching the site before i start asking questions, i know getting asked the same things over and over is annoying. i just wanted to introduce myself and say how much i love the phones and am glad my girl got these for free(the other free smartphone at the store was the moto backflip). both our phones are 1.3 and the latest update i could get is 7390.


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Aug 22, 2011
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Welcome to WP7! You did better than me...I got my Focus in January for $50, my wife waited a few months and got hers for free! still, $50 for two brand new WP7 phones is still a great deal.

When I got my phone, there were only about 6000 apps. I think there are about 30000 now, so the apps are coming. I expect there to be a lot more apps when Mango comes. You will get the Mango update...Microsoft has said all current windows phones will get it. And yes, you will be able to use your own ringtones with Mango.

So, 7 months I've had my phone...still loving it! Enjoy your new phones!

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