Just picked up two new 928's - observations on build quality


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Jul 19, 2012
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My wife and I just switched from AT&T (HTC HD7S and Samsung Focus) to Verizon and got two Lumia 928's (White and Black). I ordered them online and did the in-store pickup (very easy process) and the sales woman could tell I knew my way around the phone so she didn't bother trying to setup anything for me beyond turning on the phones and making sure they worked.

I've been researching this forum awhile now and have read up on most of the quality issues people have seen with the 928s. When I got back to my office and started playing with the phones I noticed multiple issues with the white 928 and none with the black 928.

The white 928 had the following issues:

-Goopy Start button
-Vibrate made obnoxious rattle
-Top center area of the body popped when pinching the body and screen.

All of these issues seem to be documented by others on this forum and I just could not stand looking at the goopy button so a couple hours after I picked them up I drove back to the store and talked with a different sales associate about my problems. I was expecting to have him try to verify all of the problems but after explaining a couple of them he had me come over to the front counter and then went into the back room and came out with another white 928. He then started punching a bunch of buttons on his tablet and meanwhile I checked out the replacement and it did not have any of the original problems or any new ones that I could tell. He apologized for the problems and within about 5 minutes I was out of the store with a defect free white 928.

One thing I noticed is that the IMEI number on the black 928 was significantly higher than the defective white 928. I would assume these IMEI numbers are issued chronologically so that would mean the black 928 was built more recently and hopefully indicates Nokia's build quality on these phones is getting better. The replacement white 928 had a higher IMEI number than the original, but not by as much as the black 928.

All that said, props to Verizon for taking back the phone hassle free, Nokia's build quality should be getting better and we're loving our new 928's!


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Dec 18, 2012
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Hope you enjoy the new 928's, I've had one since launch day and love it. IMEI numbers are not chronological, it is essentially a serial number made up of a number off different codes. You can think of the structure as follows; AAAAAAAABBBBBBC with the A's comprising the Type Allocation Code (unique wireless device identifier), the B's comprising the devices actual serial number and the C as an optional checksum.

So in essence, the first 8 numbers say "this is a white lumia 928", the second 6 numbers are the serial number and the last number validates or invalidates the IMEI number

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