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May 18, 2013
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Hey, just seeing a lot of posts and topics about not working update notifications. So here's the thing, I won't provide you any instructions how to unpin store tile, pin it again, clear history, restart etc. There is an app available in WP Store... with its help, you can create your own app list and check for available updates via this app. :p

It's easy. Just open this application, create custom app list, search for your installed apps (can't add Nokia apps + HERE collection), add them to the list and save it.
When you open your customized list, you will see "install all" button (bottom right corner) hit it, then click on every app manually (by clicking on, you will open up store site for each app - it's needed to gather current version numbers of installed apps). When you're finished, go back to menu and click on update all (It may show some false update notifications at this point) so just open every falsely displayed app, to make them disappear from available updates.

And that's all... an app is now ready. you can open it any time you want and hit "update all" button to check for available updates. :)

Negative reviews are mostly from people who couldn't realize how to make it work properly so they went to give a bad review... How typical.. ;)

Here's store link:

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