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Kill access to a trusted computer when you do not have access to it?

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kill access to a trusted computer when you do not have access to it

I was just released from my job. I had my onedrive desktop set up so that I didn't need to log in and the onedrive folder showed up in explorer. I was forced to give them my password to the login of my computer when it was setup 15 years ago and with any subsequent changes or updates. I have reason to believe they are accessing my computer. My onedrive was my personal account and used it for business out of convenience with the company's encouragement.

Now that I am gone I want to disable access to onedrive from that computer. I have changed my Microsoft account password but I do not know if that alone will stop access from this trusted computer.

Can anyone help me to know if there is anything I can do to stop them from accessing my onedrive account. The operating system was windows 7 professional. Thanks.