Lagging overheating graphics on 950?


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Aug 4, 2011
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I bought my 950 a few months ago, moving up from my M8. I liked my M8 but I really wanted to give Windows 10 a go on mobile. I'm not really happy. My 950 has always been a bit laggy and overheats a lot with rendering graphics. My 950 is an unlocked phone that I purchased from the local MS store, and it's always up to date (not running insider). When I do any photo editing you can feel the phone heat up within minutes - it gets very warm. I use Readit for reddit. This app is supposedly built for Win 10, but when it plays videos, or when I'm browsing for more than 10 minutes (which isn't hard to do on reddit) it overheats terribly and often times the app crashes. I like playing Wordament, a simple word game put out by Microsoft Studios - I can only play about 3 rounds before the phone overheats and the game stops responding. When I swipe from my main screen to the apps list, it takes about 3-5 seconds for the app icons to appear (on my M8 with 8.1 they show up instantly). It seems to me that anything that requires a little bit of graphics drawing causes the phone to overheat.

I thought to myself that this must be a problem with my phone. I finally went to the MS store yesterday and started to play with the 950 they had on demo. Wordament and Readit were already installed so I played with those for about 10 minutes. Their demo 950 also overheated. Either I'm really good at picking all the bad apps or there's a real problem with Windows 10 mobile.

Is Windows 10 mobile really that bad at handling graphics? I like a lot of the other features of the OS and phone. I like all the integration of Cortana with my desktop account. And it works really well with my work applications. (altough, I think Cortana and the drawing, learning keyboard worked better in 8.1) But the laggy graphics with this OS is ridiculous.

I really want to like this phone and Windows 10 mobile, but I'm having a hard time. Other people must be experiencing this too, right?

Any thoughts out there?


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Mar 21, 2016
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I have an AT&T 950, and an unlocked 950XL, the only thing that seems to warm them up pretty good for some reason is I pretty much just use edge for YouTube videos now, I have never really noticed them getting hot to the point of throttling though....but I'm not a heavy gamer.

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Jul 16, 2015
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I have the same problem when I use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook APPS on my 950. The phone heats up. Even when I take more than one photo it heats up. I'm not sure what is happening. I have limited apps on my home screen to reduce heat. I turn off NFC, Bluetooth, Location and I try to reduce battery consumption.

Actually I really think the issue is not with the phone itself. It's the Battery that heats up!


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Aug 4, 2011
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the over heating is always after a little time using the apps. It will vary by app and activity (game vs video stuff). Sometimes it's 2-3 minutes in, sometimes it 5-8 minutes in. As it overheats the phone becomes sluggish, as you would expect. It must be some OS/hardware combo problem - My HTC M8 never had this issue with these apps - and this hardware is supposed to be even better.

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Oct 15, 2016
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I don't own a 950 but I read that the common overheat is due to a bad update MS pushed out on the phone?

I would try doing what this guy details on his blog (shown below).

Good luck.

Jan Brekke | June 3, 2016 | How-To, Operating Systems, Windows Phone | No Comments
Are you experiencing storage issues and or an overheated battery? Is your battery draining fast?
Then keep on reading..

To be honest i didn’t experience the storage problem at first, because i didn’t have an external SD card mounted.
But as soon as i mounted one, the problem was there.
First thing I did was to do a quick search online to see if there where any solutions to the problem that had occurred on my new Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.
But to my surprise A LOT of people had the same issue but, but no one had a solution to offer me.
My first thought was that this had to due with the build, but saw over time that different people had the issue on different builds.
I could hard reset/factory reset my phone and it would run smoothly for up to 2 weeks and then the issue would return.

After doing this a couple of times i one day had enough!
Started to do some research on the phone and found out you are pretty much locked out from accessing the system inside of it.

My first thought was that this had to be due to a process that was running at 100% CPU power.
But i could not find any task manager. The only task manager i had found was the one that pops up when you hold down the arrow button.

With no applications running, why would it become so hot!?
An idea hit me to go check the battery settings to see if that would rattle out who the big bad wolf was, but sadly it was a dead end as it would switch between all the apps that i had been using and none of them looked suspicious at all.

I even tried to switch over to the Insider Program which provides you with new builds much faster than you normally would, but with no success of resolving the issue.

But something had to make my CPU go sky high, and i was super sure that is was a process running at 100% all the time. If here only where a way to see every process running. Including the system processes. Just so i could see what was causing the problem.

One day I somehow accidentally came across the “Update & Security” menu and noticed the “For Developers” option. I know my way around code, so i thought “Hey, maybe this will unlock the system access for me”.

Anyway, when i activated the “Developer Mode”, I was able to connect to my phone through my computer over network using FireFox. After you enter the phone’s IP address your phone will ask you to grant access for your computer to enter. Once inside i found the deeply missed Task Manager.

Here you can shutdown and restart your phone. You can also uninstall apps, check EVERY process running, connected devices and network stats. Pretty cool if I may say so..

To my disappointment (Don’t get me wrong, the web GUI was superb!), there was NO process at all running at 100%. Not even the system processes looked any suspicious.

What was I to do now?

Some days later i got an idea. What if i install/flash the ROM (Windows Operating system) on my phone through my Windows 10 computer, instead of hard resetting my phone and use the stock version that is already flashed to what i guess is the recovery partition?

Now, i guess some of you might think about the same way we ROOT, and force flash new OS onto an Android phone. But it’s a bit different. The idea is the same, but different from Android you are NOT breaking any warranty. Do it on an Android phone and your phone is no longer protected under manufacturers warranty.

I recall to have seen that Microsoft had released a Recovery install tool for us to use some time ago. I went and found the “Windows Device Recovery Tool” (Only works for WP10 phones), and connected my phone to my computer through USB cable.

The Recovery tool connected to my phone and asked me what to do.
Since i already had the latest version installed i tried the “Reinstall Software” option.

The application downloaded the Operating System from Microsoft, and when complete, the computer started to Re-Flash my windows phone. If I’m not mistaken now, i can remember that this took quite some time. So be patient!

After the flashing was complete, my phone did a reboot. Once done i once again had to set it up from scratch as i didn’t want to use the backup i had of it that was stored on my OneDrive. (The backup it makes are great, but i wanted to start all over again.)

It’s now been 3 months+, and my phone has not even once shown sign of any weird battery drain, Overheated Battery/Phone, or Storage issues.
At most, i had my battery life last for almost 3 days without recharging it.

If you wish to try this method the only thing you need is the “Windows Device Recovery Tool” from Microsoft. The recovery tool will take care of the rest.

Reference: How to Solve Heat Issue on Lumia 950 XL
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