Last minute decisions - Nokia 930, 640 or HTC one M8, s5, Note 3 or Iphone 5s


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May 8, 2013
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Tomorrow was about to exchange my S4 galaxy Android phone for another Nokia 930 or maybe a 640

but having read the recent news on here and the internet, it seems microsoft are not serious about continuing windows phone, am i reading this completely wrong...and should I stear clear of Windows phone and go down the route of another android phone like an HTC one m8 or s5 or Note 3, or perhaps go back to the ever popular Iphone 5s or 6.

My preference would be to get another Nokia 930, but would this be too risky, please tell me im being paranoid and silly, just go get a Nokia 930 :)

Pranshul Sood

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Jan 16, 2014
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is apple not serious about iphone just because it launches a single phone every year?
A wise option will be a Lumia 640,
if you buy The Lumia 930 NOW, you may regret later, cause a flagship Lumia is on the horizon and draws clearer past every day. i would not recommend any Android phone (not because I'm a Windows phone user) because my father bought a Moto Turbo just the past month and it has become sloe and laggy as anything!
I admit he has installed many apps which might be causing it to lag but then My phone (Lumia 625) has more apps than his phone, does not lag at all and guess what? It does not even have a GB of Ram!
So you should not be worried about the performance of Lumia 640 as it will match that of The Lumia 930.


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Nov 12, 2012
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LOL you are all over the map in that title.

Sit quietly for 10 minutes. Stop all thought as much as possible. If you need music playing or something to distract you, go for it. Set an alarm for 15 minutes. That should give you a solid 10 minutes of peace...

When the alarm goes off, state out loud, "My next phone is a _______."

Go with your gut. You are (based on your posts here) obviously overthinking things.

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