Leak Gods, Quench Our Thirst!


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Sep 23, 2014
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Dear Leak Gods,

It has been confirmed that no flagship Lumia will arrive before Windows 10 RTM. With RTM expected to come sometime around this summer, likely before the back to school rush, we have at least four months to wait before the phone is announced/released.

However, the device is guaranteed to be currently well into its development. We have heard absolutely no news about any Lumia flagship since the leaks last summer about McLaren and it's 3D Touch. Last summer! And of course there was that prototype that leaked a few months ago that is expected to have been a prototype McLaren, but that hardly counts. It just let us know what could have been. :(

In order to quell my angst for a new phone, I really hope some sort of substantial news leaks soon! And no, just saying "we are working on a device" is definitely not enough because of course they are. So please, Chinese factories, Daniel Rubino, Paul Thurrott, Mary Jo Foley, Tom Warren, Brad Sams, Evan Blass/evleaks, someone please give us something to cling to!

All the remaining WP fans

P.S. Speaking of 3D Touch, how many of you think it will make an appearance on phone in the next year or two? Or what will the new device's crazy feature be to counter McLaren's 3D Touch?

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