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Lenovo Laptop Screen Calibration.

luke log89

New member
Apr 9, 2020
Hello, I just sold a dell XPS 4K OLED and picked up a new s340 ryzen 5. I know I'm going to a much lower screen quality but its still a £500 laptop and it was so bad that I'm not sure if it's actually faulty.

I have tried using the built in calibration tools for windows 10, and the AMD software and then also a paid for colour profile found online and it is getting worse and worse to the point now where I can't even get it back to where I started.

Firstly I'm wondering how best to get back to default, then how best to improve upon the screen, the blacks are woefully bad, washed out and grey.

Perhaps I have a faulty unit.

Any help greatly appreciated as now I'm working from home it needs to work well and at the moment it's so bad it gives me a headache.


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