Let's vote for the WP 10 features we want in the uservoice.


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Oct 15, 2013
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These are the ideas I found on the uservoice to be compelling for WP10. Let us vote for these features and help bring it to WP10.
Feel free to share the links for other ideas you find or ideas you posted at windowsphone.uservoice.com

Feel free to share this thread on any and all forums or social media sites. Let us make our voice heard

Individual control for the volume of different apps like in Windows 7 and 8 for desktop.

Snap/Split-Pane multitasking

Interactive Live Tiles :

Download status in notification center

Interactive notifications

Make Phones "Dockable" with WP 10 (external keyboard and mouse support)


NB: While you are looking for ideas, look for the best implementation of the idea. The idea should be short and easily understandable. Better if the title makes us easily understand what the idea is. And look for just one feature request in a post. DO NOT post a full wishlist in a single suggestion post

Do remember to post Cortana wishes at the Cortana Uservoice

I will be updating this post with your feature suggestions from below so that it will be easier for everyone to vote......
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Dec 3, 2012
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Oct 6, 2014
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Vlad Ciprian

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Dec 17, 2013
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A Nokia C6-01 or a Lumia 900 is not smarter than a Lumia 925 or a Lumia 930, so why a smart feature like the native or network 3G video call is missing when I decided to switch from my 3 years old C6-01 to the elegant Lumia 925. Actually Skype or Oovoo or else are smart ways to video call a contact living in another country or in case of network congestion et cetera, but, it's not really smart to leave a special app running (increased power consumption indeed), in order to receive a video call from your wife at the store for your advice about her new "dress to be" or from your mother living next city. Smarter phones are designed to make us live smarter, aren't they?
But it's not what I felt when I "upgraded" to the "smarter", eye-catching Lumia 925. I was planning to grab the powerful Lumia 930 in the coming months, but as things are sounding, it seems that there is no hope for the integrated video call feature (3G-324M) in the coming Lumias and windows phone OS. I'm feeling more and more that Microsoft is working for a specific market in the same way Apple is doing instead of working for worldwide reputation and love in the way Nokia was doing, and that if Microsoft didn't acquire Nokia's phone division, we would have better and smarter Lumia phone with that Zeiss optics lens and that WP OS that I've felt in love with. An android user never complained about missing features, why is it the case for us, Windows phone users? Microsoft even "removed" or forgot the so praised "notification center" that was available in the old Symbian before advertising it as a new feature in the 8.1. Until now I cannot read the lyrics while playing a music file on my 925 as I used to with the old C6-01 (Symbian). If Microsoft continues on this path, Google and Android will always be a world leader in smartphone, and the once giant which was CONNECTING PEOPLE in all the possible ways will never be forgotten. Certainly, Microsoft,a hundred comments and feature suggestions coming from a few parts of the world cannot make you change your strategies and financial projections, but if it's not going to interfere with your financial projections, PLEASE, restore the native (3G-324M...) video call feature. I'm an old Nokia's fan (now Lumia's fan) always converting friends to Windows and WP OS, now left with no words to convince.

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