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Lies of Astaroth


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Oct 31, 2013
Fantastic Card Fighting Game for all platform. I just recently get this game and get addicted very fast xD . It's still new for WP and for WP we get our own server called Odin . there's other server (Athena, etc) . for now i see vietnam and thailand is dominate the LoA (Lies of Astaroth) as for me im from indonesia . There's many feature like Temple , Arena , Clan Match , Demon Invasion , etc . As I said, because it seems like this is new to WP there's a lot of event right now . Let's play together . Anyone already get the game ? add me Vielze

here you go :

in my country in indonesia this game get five stars rank from 50+ people and everyone recomended this game ^^
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Feb 5, 2013
Just got back into this game and starting to enjoy this now. At first I didn't really get the appeal but now that I've gotten a bit farther and understand the game a bit more, plus upgraded some cards I'm starting to see the genius of it. Would love to see a Win8 version.