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List of local users at login screen possible in Windows 10?

Davide Laneri

New member
Jul 24, 2018

I have some notebooks which I have recently updated to Windows 10. The issue I have is that at login one can only see the name of the last user (sometimes the last 2). I really do not understand why it is not possible to have a list of all local users like there was in Windows 7 (or on Macs computers). I tried all the workaround I found on the net but none of them worked.
Can someone please tell me whether that is possible? If not why! and if Yes how to achieve it? :)
For the user it is sometimes confusing because they have to click on other users, then they have to know the name of the machine (as the local domain) and then the username (If it is a security thing why isn't Apple so bothered?)

As supplementary info I have to say that the notebooks have joined our company domain. Maybe that makes a difference?

Thank you very much in advance for your replies.


New member
May 30, 2018
Windows only lists local user accounts. Active Directory accounts are treated as network accounts and are not listed.

If the laptops are on a corporate domain, why are you using local accounts?