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Live Account question


New member
Nov 26, 2012

i know this has been asked before, but I'm not fully clarified. I've created a Live Account with country ROMANIA. Paired the phone with the account, added a card, I can buy apps, everything is ok. The only problem is that features like Xbox Music, local scout, what song is that don't work for my region.

So, i tried to change the country to US on the Live Account and reset the phone and add US as the country, but I still have no access to local scout, what song is that ... on the microsoft page - How to change the country/region of your Windows Phone 7 Marketplace account - it says that As soon as an account locale is associated to a Windows Live ID, it is permanent and cannot be changed.. Does this mean that I need to create another live account and set the country to US to be able to use the phone with US country?

Also, if I set the country to US, i'm sure I won't be allowed to use a Romanian card. Will Paypal work (romanian address)?

Florin Anghel

Jan 9, 2013
Local scout doesn't work for some people in USA and out. There is something wrong with that service.
Xbox Music features you won't get, no matter what account you use because you live in Romania where the service is not available. You have to be in the specific country where the service is available, like USA. You can only listen to songs that you own on Xbox Music.

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