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Live PowerPoint/Image Sharing to Mobile


New member
Jun 29, 2011
There was an app I used to have on my old Lumia 920 that I can't remember atm. It allowed me to select particular photos and share it with another person on their phone. They would go to the website and I would just scan the QR Code. From there, they could flip through the images that I have selected - it was slick.

I'm looking for a similar app that can run on my Surface Pro, or it could just be run on my phone. Normally, I'd be presenting with a projector. I would like for everyone to have a copy of the slide in view to also be on their phone - so they could read easier. When I turn to the next slide, their phone will respond to it. Is there an app/service like that that you know of? Even if it runs on my phone only is fine - I just need to be able to share it to many people in the audience - not 1:1 like the one I had before.

Thanks in advance!

Chintan Gohel

Active member
May 23, 2014
The old app was called photo beamer -I never used it since that was a data hog and inefficient way of doing things :cool:

It was renamed to Lumia beamer - I'm not sure if it still works for the 920 but I do know that it cannot work on windows 10 mobile

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