Lock screen changes settings randomly, and posts pictures from a deleted account

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I recently bought a 950xl. When I set it up, I used my old MS account (call it "account1"). The home screen was set up like it was on my 1520 when it imported everything, but when I would click on an email tile (I had 4 accounts) on the home screen, I would be sent to an outlook screen to "add an account". I could not edit any of the tiles for any email account. Deleted them, re-pinned but nothing would change. Going right into outlook I could only see the same "add account" screen and nothing else. So I tried a second time, same thing.

So on the third attempt to set up this phone, I just created a new MS account (call it "account2") and did all the email setups by scratch. I declined all onedrive settings with the new acount because I don't need it with a large NAS at home. However, a week later I have a disturbing thing happening with this phone.

The lock screen randomly changes from my setting it to a Bing picture, to "my picture". Now it doesn't take pictures of my new phone (of which I have about 5 pictures), but it is somehow taking pictures that were on Onedrive UNDER MY PREVIOUS ACCOUNT (account1). I can click on "account" and go to onedrive and there is nothing there of course because I declined to use it with account2. In fact I went to onedrive on my desktop, and logged in with my old account (prior to deleting it), and verified there were no pictures on onedrive under my old account1. I then deleted it to be sure.

So why is this phone changing the lock screen settings on it's own, and HOW is it getting my personal pictures from a completely separate onedrive account to flash on my lock screen now?? I can change the setting back to Bing, but an hour or two later it's back to my personal pictures from an old account, from a previous phone coming up on the lock screen with the settings magically changed on their own to "my picture".

Not only does this point out severe privacy issues, but why can't this phone keep a setting? The newest update did not change this at all.

Chintan Gohel

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May 23, 2014
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is account1 signed in? On any app?

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