Lockscreen-related problems

Ariel Takom

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Aug 9, 2015
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Hi all! Lumia 950 Dual Sim variant user here, running the latest Fast Ring build.

So recently I've noticed that my phone have had a couple of issues, but the major ones are related to the start screen.

The first one is that when long pressing the camera shutter button from a locked state, my camera wouldn't launch properly. What I mean is that I can feel the vibration that indicates the camera has started, but the screen does not show anything at all (as if the phone was off or locked). The temporary work around for this is for me to immediately press the power button to unlock the phone after activating the camera via shutter button, and the screen appears as it should be. FYI, the camera is working 100% even when the screen is blank/not showing anything. I know this because after activating the camera by long pressing the shutter button, then after feeling the slight vibration, I pressed the shutter button again to take a photo. Going into the photos app, I could see that photo there, indicating that the camera works 100% even though the screen is blank.

Second problem occurred to me just today. I could NOT get Bing wallpaper to work for my lockscreen. I have no idea how it happened since there was no update whatsoever. Obviously, I've tried going to the lock screen settings and set it again to Bing, locked and subsequently unlocked my phone, but my wallpaper remained as the default blue Windows 10 logo. Going back to the settings page at this point, I could see that the system AUTOMATICALLY REVERTS it back to 'My Picture' instead of Bing. In other words, the phone itself is forcing my lockscreen wallpaper to be anything but the Bing wallpapers. FYI, using my own picture as a lockscreen wallpaper works just fine. Only Bing wallpaper doesn't work, oddly enough.

Having 2 lockscreen related issues with my phone:
(1) Camera won't launch properly from locked state
(2) Can't use Bing wallpaper for my lockscreen.

Anyone else faced this issue before? Anyone managed to solve it? All help is appreciated! :D

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