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Long Term Storage of Spare Lumia 640?


New member
Aug 23, 2013
Was thinking of picking up a couple of Lumia 640's on Black Friday and stashing one away as a spare. Will the spare phone's battery be fine if it's left uncharged for lets say two years?


Retired Senior Ambassador
Aug 26, 2014
No it will not. In that amount of time it can discharge fully, rendering it completely dead and useless. If a lithium ion battery ever discharges completely to zero percent, it can't be charged again.

Take the battery, put it in your active phone, and charge it to between 60 and 70 percent, then place it back in storage. Do this every few months. Make sure the battery is not stored/installed in the phone for long term storage.

You may want to do a search on the internet on how to store lithium ion batteries for long term storage.