Looking for a device to replace a Dell Venue 8 Pro


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May 16, 2016
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Hello everybody,

I've been using a Dell Venue 8 Pro the original version with 32gb storage and 2GB RAM which i got for $100 during one of the Microsoft 12 days of Christmas sale events a few years ago. The device runs Windows 10 fine and for my uses I can live with the limited 32GB storage (thanks to the MicroSD card slot), it is getting a bit long in the tooth and a bit beat up which has me looking into a replacement.

What I'm looking for:
- Slab style tablet with at least 2 USB ports (they can be micro/usb-c or full size)
- At least a 1080p screen (1920x1080)
- 8-9 inch screen.
- No proprietary power brick (device needs to charge via the USB ports)
- dual or quad core CPU (I would prefer something other than an ATOM CPU but can live with one).
- minimum 4GB RAM
- MicroSD storage
- at least 802.11ac Wifi
- Wireless Display support (Intel WiDi), though I could live with a micro HDMI or mini/micro displayport.
- Windows 10

I'd prefer to keep it under $400 but if the device has decent sounding speakers I'd be willing to go a bit higher. I was looking at a lightly used Surface 3 but at 10 inches its a bit larger than I would ideally like. Any suggestions?

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