Losing Email Accounts


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Dec 29, 2013
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I'm posting this here since it has only happened since installing the Windows 10 preview on my Surface Pro 3...but maybe something else is causing it?

I keep losing my email accounts.

I'll click on my email tile in the start menu and there will be nothing there...the basic setup screen only with the list of email account options so I can set up new mail. I've done it a couple of times hoping it was a glitch and would fix itself, but it just happened again.

Any thoughts?
Oct 23, 2013
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I know the general response to all questions related to W10 TP is, it's pre beta............... but I'll tell you, I haven't had it happen with the Email app but the Weather app does this to me very frequently then after a few hours (me not messing with it), it straightens itself out.

Are you using it in a Virtual Machine or installed to a computer? Are you using a Windows Account or Local Account? These 2 things will effect W10 a lot. Another thing you could try could be uninstalling the Email App and try Reinstalling it.

One of the oddest issues I have is all of a sudden a song I had played almost a week ago will play out of nowhere for a second then cut off, my Recycle Bin icon on desktop will select like someone selected it then Weather will open and minimize to Taskbar without me messing with it. If it weren't for the fact that I know W10 is pre beta and it has oddities, would probably freak the average user into thinking they had been hacked, lol.

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