Lumia 1520 issues after Cyan update


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Aug 24, 2014
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I have a Lumia 1520 which has got WP8.1 update, and after this update the device has started behaving oddly.

1. The music app won't work properly. After playing some songs (5 or 6) the app won't play any more songs (no other app such as moli player or CM music player also do not play the songs). There is no sound and the song bar won't move forward. Only a reboot resolves the issue so that it can happen again the next time, and this happens every time.

2. When the above issue happens the notification/ringtones sound also do not work. The device will only vibrate and there is no sound.

3. Some times when i unlock the device there is no display only the touch sensitive buttons will glow. Again i will press the lock button and they will stop glowing. Again if i press the unlock same issue happens. There is no display at all. And the only way to resolve is by soft resetting ( by pressing all the available hardware buttons of the device) the phone.

4. Some times when i press the unlock button the display is there but the brightness is very low ( the screen is barely visible). Only way to resolve this is to again lock and then unlock the phone.

5. Some times even after locking the device the display is still there, and if kept like that the device becomes unberably hot.

I had to spend Indian Rupees 42500 which is around US$696 which is lot for me:unhappy::unhappy:, and i am getting frustrated with these issues each passing day. Is any one else facing these issues, it can help me knowing whether these are all hardware issues or any OS bugs.


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Apr 3, 2013
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It's probably a bad update.

You have three options.

1 - Soft reset - hold volume down and power button until the phone vibrates. This erases no data and it may or may not work.

2 - hard reset -> Settings -> About -> Reset phone

This will erase all personal data so be sure to backup what you can prior to doing this. Backup any app data that you can.

3 - Using Nokia Software Recovery Tool - FAQ - FAQ - How can I recover/reset/restore my phone software? - Microsoft - UK

Again, this will erase you phone entirely so be sure to backup. You need a PC for this and internet. The program downloads a new firmware and installs it, so it's completely fresh.

I know these options are not always great or what people want to hear but sometimes updates cause issues and you have to do this. I've done a hard reset or used NSRT after every update so far.

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