LUMIA 1520 storage-related problem (can't access my files any more!)


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Sep 30, 2017
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Hi All,

Several days ago I had a warning that my phone was getting low on storage. I got a new SD card and was planning to insert it (was looking for that special pin for a couple of days). Anyway, by the time I've done it, the phone went mental and sort of locked.

I cannot see any images/videos and most apps do not work. I tried to connect it to PC (which was never a problem), but now all I can see is my phone's storage as a file that I cannot open. I can't access Storage Sense or Backup.

I looked everywhere for the solution, even contacted B2X (beyond useless!), but still no luck. I cannot make calls, nothing works and it looks like the only way out is a hard reset. I need my photos and videos! Can anyone help please!! Any hack, app anything! The operating system is Windows 8.1 Update (all up to date).

PS: Why doesn't this operating system have some sort of safeguard against this? I am appalled.


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Aug 8, 2017
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Running Windows phone 8.1 in 2017 is not "up to date". I am appalled that you have never backed up your phone to your PC.

However, I would pop the SD card out and insert it into an sd slot in a pc. You might be able to copy the files off of it.

Or, just remove the SD card and then do the hard reset on the phone. Then put the SD card back into the phone.

BTW, a paper clip works instead of that special pin.

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