Lumia 650 and T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling


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Apr 9, 2016
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For some of us, not being able to do Wi-Fi Calling on T-Mobile in the USA is a deal-breaker. It doesn't matter how much better the 650 is than my current 635; I cannot move "up" to the 650 if it means losing Wi-Fi Calling on T-Mobile.
Yes, the 650 is sold in an unlocked version, and yes, it is pre-loaded with Windows 10, including Native Wi-Fi Calling. And yes, you can insert a T-Mobile SIM and have access to their voice and LTE networks. But just as with ANY other non-T-Mobile-branded phone, it sounds like you will not have Wi-Fi Calling.
(It is a great feature for me, and works extremely well when there is no T-Mobile signal available, such as in a building with a metal roof. And I don't want to leave T-Mobile because of price and features... for example, the last time I checked their terms, Cricket does not allow you to tether a laptop with mobile hotspot, and as others have written, they are terrible about unlocking Cricket-branded phones, so I refuse to patronize them. AT&T is more expensive and has poor customer service.)

Anyway, to help others in the same position I am in, I thought it was useful to bring over this exchange, from the "Ask a Question" forum, related to this issue, since it is related to the 650:

Original question:
When you bring an unlocked Lumia phone to T-Mobile, you cannot use T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling. (T-Mobile branded phones come with unique software required for T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling.) Many users believe that Windows 10 Phone would solve this problem, because Windows 10 Phone contains a Native Wi-Fi Calling.
The Lumia 650 comes with Windows 10 Phone preinstalled.
So the question is, if you bring an unlocked Lumia 650 (because at this writing there is no T-Mobile version of the 650) to T-Mobile, will Wi-Fi Calling work?
(Related question: If it does work, is there any special set-up required on T-Mobile to "activate" it?)

libra89 Answered:
04-08-2016, 10:09 PM #2

Nope, it wouldn't work. There are only a few unlocked phones that support WiFi calling, but none of those are Windows Phone/Mobile.

RickInFla Replied:
04-09-2016, 09:46 PM #3

So, this means that T-Mobile USA does not recognize/support the Native Wi-Fi Calling that is part of Windows 10 Mobile?

libra89 Answered:
04-09-2016, 10:04 PM #4

Correct. In order for that to actually work, the carrier has to approve it.

The only exceptions are t-mobile branded windows 10 mobile phones such as the fierce xl by alcatel.

Please feel free to post with any updates that become available relative to this situation! (I'm sure the same will be true with other new Windows phones that are released in unlocked form. And who knows if T-Mo will ever choose another Windows phone to brand.)


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Aug 19, 2014
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I can confirm that Wi-Fi calling does not work on the L650 within the US T-Mobile market. I shut off cell data and SIM1 and SIM2, and can only make emergency calls.


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Jun 19, 2013
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iOS Wifi-Calling works....

Sorry, just salty about an AT&T version of iPhone on T-mobile supports Wifi-Calling and Windows 10 doesn't. Arg.

On a different note, how is LTE for t-mobile working for you?

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