Lumia 720: No one hears my voice at Incoming/Outgoing calls

Kenneth Brosas

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Jun 26, 2013
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I bought my Lumia 720, 2 months ago... It was all fine until I dropped it on the wet floor.. The camera lens got fogged but I seek for professional cleaning and after that everything works fine.. Until a week later... I tried calling to my friend and they said that there was no sound that they can hear when I call to them but I hear their voice that keeps on saying Hello all the time. I remedied this problem using my headset but it was a hassle bringing my headset all the time when someone calls me on a sudden at my work.
By the way, when I record my voice using the sound recorder. The microphone works and also at the video recording. I also tried doing a soft reset but still didn't work.
And one thing more.. I didn't use mute when I call so the microphone here was not a problem.. But still I don't know what happen.. What will I do? :crying:

This phone would last for me for another 2 years.

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