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Lumia 720 screen blackout

Prasun Banerjee

New member
Apr 22, 2013
My 720 had an issue with the headphones ... due to a loose connection, sound would be there only in one ear piece ... took it for repair at a Nokia Care Centre ... they fixed the head phone issue but created a screen dead issue ...

Once in a while ... the screen would go dead ... it would take me atleast 10 to 15 presses of the power button to get the screen back on ... this happens atleast 5 or 6 times a day ... and at a time when this problem is occuring, when the phone switches on ... when i go to the settings > glance ... its blank ... no choices or options are there ... however after a restart if my glance is working fine , then the screen blackout doesnt happen !!!

Nanda Yuvaraj

New member
Apr 28, 2014
thanks dude!!!!! i had my lumia 1320 creating the same problem.....switching off blindly and a soft reset worked :D :D :D was really worried that this happened :( but cheers :D :D :D
and btw a small doubt....does nokia do services to these kind of problems under warranty???i mean free of cost??
if the soft reset didnt work and display has to b changed ...stuffs like dat

Karthik Naik

Jan 17, 2014
Just in 72hrs Lumia 720 is dead !!
I plugged in the charger yesterday and its boom. There were atleast 5 people at Nokia care for similar or different issuses with Lumia 720.
However they refused to replace the device after a lot of argument. Then I went to the shop from where I bought it as he promised me to replace it with in 5 days.
Now, waiting for the new device. As it comes I am going to sell it to the shop owner or in OLx.
I bought this phone with a lot of expections from NOKIA and TRUST for quality. I am DONE !! They don't deserve it.

Good bye MS and NOKIA

try akosha, you will get help guarenteed\
akosha is a site which contacts heads of all companies in india to fix even small problems
they charge Rs200 if you are satisfied

Amaresha H

New member
Aug 18, 2014
Thanks Djay.

I was also facing same problem and its solved by following your step# 2


Ali Tariq1

New member
Oct 26, 2014
Hey there.... My cell is having the same Problem. Its working Properly, but the display is not working. Even its Volume Down button is not working so its not possible for me to reboot the cell. I dun knw what to do.... Last time it happened i waited all night and finally the battery got empty and cell got switched off. Then i put it on charging then my cell got back to life. Now again its happening to it. I love my Nokia Lumia 720, Cox battery time is so awsm.... well dun wanna sale it though..... Any way of getting it back to wot it was before.....???? Any way guys?


New member
Sep 18, 2014
Thank Lord! It's working.

My Phone was totally blacked out, and for the moment, I had all the volumes to zero. It won't even ring.

> I tried to go for the soft reset.
> Volume Low + Power
> Then it did vibrate and my phone finally started working.

Thank you! :crying:

Aditya Chiplunkar

New member
Jun 6, 2015
hie Lohi..
I share the same problem with my phone.
The volume down button is not working and the phone is dead..
SO when you went to the nokia Guys did they charge you or gt it fixed for free..

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