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Lumia 820 not recognised - W7

Andrea Giallombardo

New member
Dec 27, 2012
Hi everyone,

I am facing a very frustrating problem with my lumia 820. Suddenly my PC and Laptop refuse to recognise my phone when I plug it in through the USB cable. The funny thing is that it used to work fine just a couple of weeks back. Now I have run troubleshoot and I have also run the .NET repair program recommended by Microsoft and it still is not working. Is this an update problem? As it seems to be a bug in a new windows 7 updated (there have been a lot recently).

PS: The windows phone app is also no recognising my phone (which again, worked before).

UPDATE: My PC has recognised a device has been plugged in and also goes ahead to install the drivers but it fails every time. Troubleshoot did not fix the problem

Please help! As I need to transfer data urgently.


FIX: Got restless and just hard reset my phone. It worked! Second time I managed to fix a bug through a hard reset.. makes me wonder!
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Apr 10, 2013
1 - Try to use a different cable
2 - Try to use a different computer
3 - Soft reset
4 - Mother of God, hard reset