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I have an older Lumia 822 Windows phone running Denim. I do not use this phone with cellular since after getting a new phone but just use it for Internet music and such over WiFi.
The phone works fine with the wireless network at work where it spend most of its time.

This week I brought it back home and tried to reconnect to my home wireless router. The home network has had a couple changes over the last year or so and as a result the ip range handed out to connecting devices has changed since the phone was last connected.

I connected to the home WiFi and it asked me for my password which it accepted. No Internet access, though. The ip address assigned to the phone looks to be stuck on the OLD network range and is not getting assigned an address out of the new dhcp configuration. No matter what I do from deleting the access point and re-adding to changing the access point ssid to a factory reset of the phone has helped the phone pick up an address from the correct range. I am at a loss now for what to do.

The phone displays no option to create a static ip address nor anyway to manipulate the ip address it knows about, it's all greyed out.


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