Lumia 900 vs. Samsung Focus/Focus S


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Nov 22, 2011
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Just thought I'd post a quick take on the Lumia 900 vs Samsung WP7 phones (I've used the Focus and Focus S extensively and had the Flash for a few weeks - haven't used a Focus 2 yet)

- Scrolling is slower than Samsung phones when off the charger, but that's rarely an annoyance - in fact, the "slower" scrolling seems to make WP7 feel more "fluid". It is nice on Samsung devices how you can barely flick a finger and scroll all the way to the bottom of your app list or start screen - but I think I prefer the more "fluid" motion of the Lumia.

- All the Samsung WP7 devices lag when charging - I don't know why. But you notice it when you scroll. The Lumia doesn't seem to have this problem.

- The camera on the Focus S is better, but not by much. I don't take a ton of photos with my cell phone as is, but the Lumia's colors are a little more washed out than on the Focus S.

- The heft is both a positive and negative. The Lumia is NOTICEABLY heavier than any of the Samsung devices - but it also feels more "solid" in your hand and feels like more of a "premium" device. I'm still torn on the shape of the Lumia - sometimes its comfortable, but often I find its harder to hold than the Focus S. I worry less about the Lumia breaking after a drop, but I feel like it'd be easier to drop the Lumia because of the weight.

- I understand why Microsoft and Nokia said that the Lumia was the first "real Windows Phone device". The operating system seems to just run a touch smoother all around on the Lumia. It was great on the Samsung phones, but it almost feels like the OS was tweaked specifically for the Lumia. The one advantage Samsung devices have over Nokia devices is they can be developer/interop unlocked - so you can force update them and get a lot of homebrew apps, including all the Nokia apps. I feel like the Nokia opens and navigates around the OS a little faster as well.

- The BIGGEST difference between the Focus S and Lumia is the quality of the screen. I really thought Samsung made nice screens, but it pales in comparison to the Lumia. I thought "ClearBlack" was a marketing term, but it REALLY makes a difference. The "whites" on the Focus S are noticeably more "blueish" than they are on the Lumia. Not only that, but everything seems "clearer" on the Lumia - text and pictures. Also, the colors really do pop more on the Lumia. I'm not very picky with screens on my devices, and I don't have the best eyesight in the world, and holding both phones up next to each other I could see a world of difference - the Lumia has the FAR superior screen.

- The volume is odd on the Lumia - its been discussed on this forum before - but the ringtones and alarms seem too loud, but the keyboard clicks and lock/unlock seem too quiet. Nokia needs to make the volume across the device more consistent.

- The Lumia seemed to transfer all my music and pictures faster than the Samsung. Not a big deal, but its worth pointing out. Same computer, same music, same pictures, same USB port and cable, faster transfer. No idea why.

- The speakers on the Lumia are better - both the earpiece and the bottom speaker. Not incredibly better, but it is noticeable.

- The button placement on the Lumia kinda sucks - they're too jumbled together and its tough sometimes to hit the power button instead of the volume rocker. It's something I'll get used to, but I really hate where the power button is. Its better on Samsung phones, but I prefer the HTC method of placing the power button on the top. Just a personal preference.

- Small nitpick - but the Nokia/ATT logo are placed better on the Lumia than on the Samsung phones. I HATE how the Windows logo is smooshed down by the "Samsung" on their devices. The Lumia has a much "cleaner" look. Also, because the screen of the Lumia is "raised" - it feels like that is pronounced on the device while the rest of the phone drops away into the background. On the Focus S the edges are more "noticeable".

- The haptic feedback from the capacative buttons is stronger on Samsung devices, but on the Focus S and Flash you can turn it off. Its really weak for some reason on the Lumia.

- LTE reception seems about the same on the Nokia as it did on the other LTE device I owned, an Android Pantech Burst phone. Maybe its just Vegas but the LTE seems hit or miss along the major freeways, but when you get solid LTE reception the speeds are insane. I've seen bursts well into the 30+ MB/sec range.

- The charging port on top is better than on bottom. F*cking Samsung and their micro-USB on the bottom crap. They had it right with the Focus and then switched it up with the Focus S.

- Finally, if you're an accessories person, get the Lumia. The Samsung devices all have very few cases available - the Lumia seems to get much more variety since it was a "hero" device.

Any questions please ask.


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Mar 1, 2011
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Nice post. One thing that bugs me about the 900 is typing in landscape mode. The sound is muffled because my palm covers the speaker at the bottom.


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Feb 3, 2012
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Focus S camera is significantly better than the 900. It isn't even close. While the 900 takes good pics outside, sucks indoors or low light. Samsung, was pretty awesome in every situation.

I also noticed that the OS skips somewhat on the 900 more and also things load a tad slower. I never usually saw the "loading" thing when opening some apps that i typically see using the 900.

Also, uploading videos from samsung focus s was done correctly so no matter if i took a vid holding the phone sideways or vertical, it would upload correctly to facebook. The 900, it does not which is annoying since you are watching the video upside down or sideways.

The thing i like about the 900 more is the screen feel, LTE and also the support given by Nokia with all these apps.


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Sep 13, 2011
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Nice post. One thing that bugs me about the 900 is typing in landscape mode. The sound is muffled because my palm covers the speaker at the bottom.

lol, same problem on 4s... Several games that you can play in portrait have mono sound and the way I hold the phone, my pinky covers the right speaker which effectively mutes all the sound.

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