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Lumia 930 stuck on 10.0.15063.540 Release preview

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After MS drop Lumia 930 support with the creators update I had to enter Insiders to get the update.
As it was the same built for Slow ring and Release preview, I've chosen slow ring and then switched Release preview.
But current I'm stuck on 10.0.15063.540 and it says there is no new update though I see in wikipedia's page there is 10.0.15063.632 already for Release preview and Public release September since 25, 2017.
I cannot switch to fast/slow ring anymore as they are on Version 1709 already.
I don't wont to use buggy Fast/Slow rings as this is my main and only phone and I can't risk it.

Any ideas what can be done to update?
Dec 30, 2017
Hi there,
Just stop the insider preview program and then you will be able to upgrade to .674.
After selecting to stop the program, I have chosen the last option. It restarted and then I got the option to upgrade. The update is called "2017-12 update for windows 10 version 1703 for arm based phone devices"
Good luck

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