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Lumia 930 Well...where is the cyan stuff?


WPCentral Question

I recently bought an lumia 930 from Spain and it came with the cyan update installed out of the box. However I don't have swipe function on keyboard, miracast support (doesn't detect my smart tv (LG Web OS)). and so on. I thought that Cortana was an understandable missing feature from the phone but....swipe and miracast? I tried updating manually it said that my phone was up to date.

Any information will be useful! Thanks!


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
make sure your settings are set up right, Cortana requires a specific region to be set, word flow is only for certain languages, and make sure the option is enabled in keyboard settings.
(I'm not familiar with Miracast, do I can't help with that, sorry)

Eduard Vlad Ilie

New member
Oct 18, 2013
tried that and I looked in settings...over and over again....Now I have another issue...my keyboard is set to Spanish and the phone needs to update and download the language support...funny thing, I am connected over wifi and the downloading progress is 0%.tried rebooting the phone..and its still stuck with 0%. Thanks for the reply :grin: