Lumia 950 battery drains and dies after reaching 100% on wireless charger


Jul 5, 2011
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I had to put my beloved 950 on the shelf when I went to a new mobile carrier that did not support my phone. I recently got a bluetooth home stereo system and thought that it would make a nice digital music player for the stereo so I bought a micro SD card and loaded up all my music. I was having serious battery and random restart issues before benching it, so I bought a battery off of ebay for $10 that seems to work.

The problem I have now is that when I place the phone on a wireless charger with less than 100% charge it will charge up until full (100%) and then stops. I do not remember this behavior previously, but I've read that it is by design to avoid over-charging. I think it signals the Qi charger to stop, or something? In any case, once hitting 100%, it starts a steady decline in battery remaining until it hits 0% and shuts off. If I take it off the charger for a minute, turn it on, and put it back on the charger it will recharge, but I don't use the device every day and it is often dead when I want to use it.

What is going on? Can I do something to make it stay charged on Qi?

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