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Jan 24, 2013
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Greetings: I have for sale one of two unlocked Lumia 950s. One is my daily driver (DD), and the other is a like-new (LN) one I bought on Amazon when I thought my DD was going bad. It behaved erratically one March morning, showing a black screen even though it was on its wireless charger. The screen recovered, but erratically still through a couple of restarts. Then it was fine, and I've not needed the new phone, which I've kept until I was fully confident. I attributed the problem to the wireless charger and didn't use it again. Actually, I'd prefer to keep this one just to avoid the dis-installing and re-installing processes.

The DD is a second-hand one I purchased through this forum in March 2018. See the pictures and description in the thread linked below; the phone is in identical or indistinguishable condition. It is model RM-1118. I've only used the phone's SIM 1 slot, on T-Mobile exclusively. The pictured red case was never used and is included. The battery and all else work great; the 950 is still hard to beat. I have full confidence in this DD phone, so I am now willing to sell the LN one.

The LN phone is Model RM-1105 ATT US, unlocked. When I got it, I tested the unlocking with my T-Mobile SIM card and took it through the updates. Otherwise, nothing has been on the phone, nor was anything uninstalled. Of course, if I wasn't confident in this one, I would not be willing to sell my DD.

I still have the blue and white Microsoft box for the LN one; I'd probably pack either phone in that box and include the USB charging wall adapter and cable which have not been used, except for testing the charger and cable when installing the updates. I didn't keep the box pictured in the DD sale thread.

Additionally, as specifically requested/needed, I will also include with either phone sale, one or both of two extras: a nice Tudia "metalic slate" case (see link below), and a white original ATT-logo 950 back cover which I may have used for several hours on a certain a day or weekend, or two. Thus: the buyer can have a black 950 "and/or" a white one.

I want only $125 shipped, firm, for either phone -each with or without requested extras. Paypal only, and US addresses only, please. Once Paypal clears, the LN one could be sent by the next day. For the DD, I may need another day or so to ensure all the backing up, downloading/restoring, and resetting is completed. I'll wait about ten days before offering these elsewhere, check here daily, and post promptly here when they are no longer available. NB: only one phone or the other is available: I have not been without a 950 since that Friday morning, 20 November 2015. :love: Thank you.
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