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I am a Microsoft die-hard and as a result, still using the 950XL as my main daily phone. I have the Microsoft HD-500 Continuum dock. Until recently there were no issues now my 950xl won't display. Below are the details of what I have done. It is confirmed to be an issue with the phone and I am at a loss.

- Continuum dock works with other Windows Phones, and my S8
- Tried dock and my 950xl on other displays, to no avail
- Tried dock with my 950xl using a different usb-c cable, to no avail
- completely rebooted my 950XL with a clean (new) state and installed all updates, to no avail
-950XL Continuum works via wireless, only hard wired is not working
-When connected to HD-500 the phone knows it is in continuum mode, but nothing displays on external screen

Anyone have any idea on this? I am thinking there is some foolish setting I am missing, or that the BIOS is missing a driver?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated as I use Continuum in my office often


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Mar 5, 2015
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I am having the exact same issue and was just on my way to the forums for help. I also have the 950Xl, Continuum dock works with my mom's Idol 4S and my 950XL works wirelessly. No idea when it stopped working, but sometime in the past month or so, maybe the latest update crashed it?

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