Lumia 950XL issues...

Panos Tsakiris

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Sep 11, 2018
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I have the phone almost 3 years now and loving it regardless it's main fault. (that one later).

However since the update the phone did a week back, I cannot watch youtube videos any more.
Every time clicking it, it pops a message asking me to install an application from Store!!!!
It never did that and I do not want to install applications on it that didn't need to do so.

Also another issue with the phone that bugged me for years now (and opportunity since I am here), is that Edge cuts radio streaming after 10 minutes if the phone is inactive.

In the office is easy to do so, however when driving if I forget to click any of the side buttons after 10 minutes, it cuts off and trying to unlock the phone to restart the browser tab and this is dangerous when driving.

Finally, another issue popped the last year or so. Is that while btooth connection to the car works fine when using the phone, trying to stream audio stops after a second and i am forces to use the auxiliary port. That wasn't the case until some time stopped working late 2016. (same car).

Any thoughts?

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