Lumia is getting popular in Chennai faster than I expected!!!


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Apr 10, 2013
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Hey. I am from Chennai, India. I bought a Lumia 520 as soon as it was released and I can see that it getting more and more popular here in Chennai with of lots of advertisements and offers. Buy Back Offer had received a very good response here. As soon as the Buy Back Offer was introduced my friend has bought a Lumia 520 at a discount of Rs.4500 for his Nokia Asha 501. Was surprised on hearing this as he bought Asha 501 for Rs.5000 and that model is not in the list too. And my another friend who had a Samsung Galaxy Tab replaced it for Lumia 720 with a very good discount on price even before they introduced Buy Back Offer. For the last two month Nokia Stores here in Chennai gives out very good discounts on all Lumia models on replacing with old models which makes many to buy it.

And nowadays I see atleast 5 - 10 persons everyday holding some lumia phone though I saw none before abt 2 months. And in my class, I was the first one to buy a lumia phone and now there are 3 with Lumia 520, one with Lumia 720 and many have plans to buy. Very glad to see lumia getting popular.

Speaking with some of my friends, they say these points as positive things about Lumia.
1.WP8's UI is looking far different from iOS and Android and has no similarities with them
2.Touch Sensitivity is very good
5.Camera Quality
6.Feels different and unique when holding a lumia phone in public as its not Android which is everywhere around us.
7.Samsung might have risen very fast but our people still has an respect for NOKIA because of its quality and customer service which is very good here.

Nokia forever \o/
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