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Lumia, update from 8 Black to 8.1 Cyan and few features are gone?


WPCentral Question

Hello, I just upgraded from 8 black to 8.1 cyan and I noticed something wrong with my phone.
Yeah is better nothing to say, but in the past I used to have a ME icon in the contact, now is all gone.
I unpinned the tile with Me from the Start yesterday and now is gone forever. Googled all the internet about how to put it back, but all I can find is about Windows 8 (Contacts -> me, the first position from the list) but now, is gone, and I can't find it.
Does anybody know how to restore my ME tile back? Is there any chance?

Another problem is they removed a very useful thing for me. In the past I used to receive and send messages on facebook from the Message feature. Now is all gone. Any idea about how put it back?

An the final one... On my Android devices I have Me, with all my contact data, in the fist position of the list but I can edit all my phone numbers and e-mail's and addresses, etc.. Does Windows 8.1 does have such a thing? I can't find it. Sure was the Me position but without phone number detail, only to check in and post a facebook update.

It really bothers me to put myself in the Contacts just any regular contact. I tried anything, I can't find any option not in my phone or on my live account.

I'm not a noob, I made tons of research, but simply I can't find this information.
Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


New member
Jun 1, 2014
Go to People, click on your profile pic, and ME will open up, and for the Facebook messages yeah no you can't do nothing about it, it was removed as feature no can do to bring it back, you have to accept Facebook messenger