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Major messaging and call-log problems after updating to Cyan


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Hi there,

yesterday I updated my Nokia Lumia 920 with the latest recommended update. Updating to Cyan took a very long time (which I guess might be normal but the last updates performed took way less) but after the phone had restarted and I got the introduction to the new system I noticed some major problems. My call log seems to be frozen, so whenever I call someone or someone calls me I cannot see any difference in the call log, everything stays the same like it was just before I updated the phone.

Furthermore - and this is seriously annoying - messages I receive are shown in the small bar in the top but cannot be found under messages. And if I write a message to one, the message just disappears from the message-thread as if it had never existed, the person I am sending it to do get the messages. But the phone update has in fact rendered my phone useless for messaging and I have not found a way to roll back the update or how to "re-update" the phone.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


New member
May 21, 2014
Since you installed the update, have you rebooted the phone? How about done a soft reset? If you haven't, try those and see if they clear the problems. The next step after that is a hard reset, which is much more drastic and tedious.

Good luck!

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