Mango Day 1: how'd you like it?


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Aug 14, 2011
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Loved it on my end. Went online all over the place to learn about all of the new features so I could play with them. Slicker'n pigeon poop is how I'd classify the upgrade. Pretty damn cool.

The new email thread took a bit to get used to but its growing on me. I love being able to update multiple social networks at once, makes life much easier.

The Zune thing is pretty nice now that we can get things directly w/o having to connect to a computer. Nice to save camera settings for sure. No music stuff popping up in the marketplace is nice too.

Haven't used the Bing stuff yet, and that's about as far as I've gotten. Kind of like on Xmas day when you get the toy you wanted most and you play with it for hours trying to figure it out.


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Jul 1, 2011
Since I have [very] limited data plan and my university offers hidden WiFi only, it was wonderful to finally being able to browser the internet without any worries of how much data was being spent :p

If you guys could've seen me today, I'd kept pressing the back button to go back to the previous app - totally forgot about multitasking!! :mad:

I'm a Twitter whore so being able to tweet without opening any app it was absolutely awesome! :`)
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Sep 8, 2011
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I can't keep my hands off my phone now...

Battery lasted only a few hours yesterday despite being fully charged after the mango upgrade.. Hopefully it was because I kept tinkering with my phone, not because Mango is eating my battery juices more.

The first thing I'm pretty excited about after mango is just how much faster and smoother WP is.. Even before, with nodo, I didn't have any complaints.. But now that I know how much smoother mango is there is no going back..

I don't know but u guys, but fast scrolling the all application menu down before made the display blurry (with dark background). But now I have no such thing. The pics and text all smooth and clear.. Before I thought it was because the quality of the LCD of my HD7, but it seems like it was actually the OS itself now that mango fixes it.

Even connecting to WIFI is quite a few seconds faster. .. Cool

Bing vision is also great.. Try scanning a book or barcodes.. Works fine.

Been a long time since I got this excited for an upgrade, let alone a phone.. Can't believe it..

WP7.5 is highly highly recommended. Take this from someone who also has Android and IOS (Ipod, Ipad, Sony Xperia with Gingerbread).

The only bad thing that really bugs me is just how short my HD7 battery is if you keep using your phone's feature... Kind of irony because, the phone is so cool that you want to keep using it, but the battery won't allow... . :(

Time to get an extra battery....
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Sep 28, 2011
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Anyone noticed the 'jump' list alphabets stay at the top until you scroll to the next letter? I have lots of contacts starting with 'S', if I want to switch to a different letter for any reason, I have to scroll all the way until I see 'T' or scroll back to 'R'. These little things in Mango make me so happy!

Another interesting one! Try the camera app, touch anywhere that you want the camera to focus, it will autofocus and takes the shot for you :) Sweet!


With the Interop unlock, I can enjoy custom accent colours (only seem to work on a black background though o.o) and forced multitasking. Should tide me over until more developers have their apps Mango-fied.

Mango on the whole patches up Windows Phone and I think carrier reps can now say that Microsoft's OS has achieved feature parity, and surpasses the rest in user experience.


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Sep 29, 2011
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I love it, there are so many features added in that I absolutely love.

Hard to decide what my favorite feature is.. Either the integration of facebook chat into the text messages, or voice-2-text.

I thought I loved my htc arrive wp7 before. <3

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Dec 22, 2010
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Man, I must be nuts. I'm tempted to rollback to Nodo. I use web browsing alot and the implementation of IE9 with tabs is like they tried to out Android, Android for complete bass-ackwardness. Its a PITA to open a new browsing tab. Anybody using an alternative browser?


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Jan 18, 2011
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Mango is far better than I expected! My iPhone 4 has been my main phone since the launch date, and I've been very satisfied with it -- until Mango. Previously, I would swap my SIM card into my Quantum just to play around, and within a few hours I'd be just frustrated enough to swap the SIM back into the iPhone. Going on 2 days with Mango, and I'm both highly impressed and severely conflicted. The iOS 5 update had better be outstanding, Apple, or I may not be leaving Mango. Microsoft has raised the bar substantially!

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