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Jul 4, 2011
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Agree with pankaj981. I just bought my L900 2 weeks ago, and I spent weeks researching prices. Unlocked L900's are still in demand, and tend to sell for more. The color of the unit adds to the price as well. Unlocked black L900's crawl up into the 120$ range normally, though some do sell closer to 100$. If you own a cyan or white L900, those tend to climb a tad higher, usually 130$-140$.

My locked AT&T white L900 was 110$, and I had a 120$ limit, so I lost out on quite a few of them. Even locked onto the Evil Empire's network, they still tended to climb over 120$. Black ones again a tad cheaper as they are more common. I just really, really liked the white ones, so I just had to be more patient for the right deal.

This is in U.S. Dollars, by the way.


Aug 30, 2012
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Fair market value is going to be based on supply versus demand and how much people are willing to pay for smartphones in your area. If I listed my Lumia 1020 in St. Louis right now I'd be lucky to get more than $300 for it. There is practically no demand out here from what I have seen, and the people that do have Windows Phones are trying to sell them for more than what the local economy is willing to spend for a third-place device.

Look at what people are selling Android phones for, namely the Atrix HD and Samsung Galaxy S3 as these devices came out around the same time. If these phones are priced $200 and over, which is outrageous, you might get away with $150. Just be careful of folks that want to come in and undercut you by listing a similar condition phone for about $30 cheaper just to get the sale. I usually list a phone for 72 hours to see if I get a bite. If the price is too high, I won't get anything more than a few fake replies asking me to ship the phone to Nigeria. If the price is too low, I'll get someone asking me if I can part with the phone for even less. My thought is they are preying on desperation and they are oftened surprised to see they have barked up the wrong tree.

Price your phone between $100 and $130 or look to buy a phone in that range. Keep in mind everything is negotiable. If you don't get hits, delist and come back two weeks later at $150. You'll probably get a counter for $120 or so and get within your desired range. If you are not getting hits, it may mean demand for the phone is low. Your best option then is eBay, because fair market value outside of your town could be better/worse but you will most likely get close if not right at your asking price.

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